Call: 585-356-0999  Monday - Thursday
8:00 am- 5:00 pm
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Facility Requirements:
- Clean, dry and sheltered 
   work area with suitable flooring.
- Appropriate lighting.
- Access to water and electric.
- Clean, dry horses.
- For safety reasons, there must
  always be a capable handler on
  site -no exceptions.
- Horses unable to stand 
  appropriately must have handler 
  present and/or be sedated by a 
  qualified veterinarian.
- Credit extended is subject to a $5 billing 
  fee and monthly rate of 1.5%
- Returned checks are subject to a $50 fee
- Payment is due upon completion of 
  services and can be made in the form of 
  cash or check, unless prior arrangements 
  have been made.
Payments and Billing:
- Maintaining regularly scheduled
  appointments are in everyone's 
  best interests and guarantee the 
  most convenient times for the client.
- Life happens, rescheduling is 
  not usually a problem.
- Hours of operation are 
  8am-5pm Sunday-Thursday.
- Emergencies will be handled
  on a case by case basis.